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Building our brand and using social media

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The Wild - Building a Brand and Our Social Media Strategy

We recently were lucky enough to speak at the Hamilton Public Library, where we met with entrepreneurs and shared with them the steps we took to build our brand to where it is today, and the steps we took to get there. After mentioning our presentation on social media, we have had tons of emails about it, wondering if we would do more or if we would be visiting other areas.

At the moment, with our tiny team and hectic schedule, we won't be doing anymore any time soon, but we thought we would share our presentation right here on Issuu for you! In this PDF, we go over a few things, such as:

  • How we got started
  • Building our brand
  • Successes and challenges we've faced
  • Social media and how we've used it to grow our customer base
  • Tips and tricks for other users

Please take a look, and enjoy!

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