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Free Printable - Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Autumn Halloween Printables

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Free Printable by The Wild -

Let's face it, Halloween 2020 is a bit different, no matter where you are. In our city, COVID cases are pretty well under control, but we are all still really doing our part to stay safe and to keep our numbers low. For our family, we are going to proceed with extreme caution, we may not approach any doors unless we see neighbours wearing masks and making an effort to be safe, so we may just walk around and see our local pals in their costumes, which will be great too.

I am going to go out of my way to make sure my kiddos have an amazing day, even if we don't get to truly Trick-Or-Treat, so one way I'm doing that is with this fun Scavenger Hunt! We'll take these with us as we walk around and a prize will be waiting for each of them when we get home. We also plan on hiding chocolate all over the house Easter style, along with a ton of Halloween movies and homemade treats! It will be different, but so much fun!

Download your own Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable here and we hope your little ones enjoy it!! 

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