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Things To Do With Your Family While You Are Practicing Social Distancing

Things To Do With Your Family While You Are Practicing Social Distancing -

Well friends, the last few days have been a whirlwind of panic/anxiety over this Corona virus (COVID 19)  issue. As of yesterday, schools across Ontario and many other places across the world have closed for several weeks, with the recommendation that we all do our part to stop the spread by practicing Social Distancing. As a mom of two, this feels like a challenge to say the least! But, my kids and I quickly got to work on a list of things we COULD do, and I thought I would share!

These ideas are not just for this time, but for summer break, long weekends, or anytime that you need easy, low/no cost ideas for your family. I'm hoping to create some really fun memories with my littles during this time. Let's get started with the list!!

Things To Do With Your Family While You Are Practicing Social Distancing

  • Have a long,fun play bath - Bring in some extra cups and goodies from the kitchen drawers, perhaps some of those bath crayons if you're brave, and let the kids soak for as long as they like!
  • Bake cookies - Or muffins, or brownies, or whatever you're in the mood for. Check out out recipe section for some ideas!
  • Let them be artists - Using whatever you have on hand. Paper, crayons, canvas, paint, anything will do.
  • Start a daily journal - This can include drawings and/or descriptions of your day. This also doubles as a home-schooling activity, even better!
  • Have your kiddos recreate their own characters from The Wild - This is a really fun activity we shared a while back and we know your kiddos will love it.
  • Plan to watch a sunset - Pick a clear day and make this time of day a special event. 
  • Donate - Encourage your kids to go through their toys and choose some to donate. I love to explain that other kids will really enjoy playing with them, and that we have plenty to spare, to get them thinking about others who aren't as fortunate.
  • Dance Party - Toss on your spotify and let them get their wiggles out. 
  • Spring Clean - Ok, this sounds like the kids will hate it, but if you let them be involved, they will really enjoy it. My guys love to vacuum and spray the cleaners, when they were tiny they loved dusting!
  • Sidewalk Chalk - Pull out the chalk and let your kids create a masterpiece on the driveway or sidewalk. Easy, and so much fun!
  • Go on a picnic - Pack a lunch, bring a blanket, a portable speaker, you're all set.
  • Write a letter to a family member or friend - Even if you have to write it for them, what a sweet way to keep in touch with your loved ones during this time!
  • Make your own stuffie - If you have an old t-shirt lying around with a favourite animal or character on it, help your little one turn it into a stuffie! We have complete instructions here.
  • Get into the garden - Get started with the garden tidying and let your kiddos help. Look for those early spring blooms, and plan with your kids things you'd like to plant this year.
  • Set up a playdoh station - Or kinetic sand, or slime, or anything! Kids love to get their hands into these kinds of things, so let them have free reign! My guys tend to go for slime, we love this brand.
  • Explore your neighbourhood. Walking in the fresh air looking for new routes or 'secret passages' as we call them. Maybe let your kids document their 'exploration' by being in charge of your phone (aka camera) with a little help from you of course. When you get home, they can write or draw a list of what they saw. 
  • Puzzles - Or if you're brave or have older kids, puzzle RACES! 
  • Go 'camping' - And by that, i mean set your tent up in the backyard or even the living room. THEY WILL LOVE THIS. Trust me.
  • Start a nature collection. Go on walks and hikes and let them gather whatever 'treasures' they can find.
  • Facetime playdates - They will think this is a blast, and it's also a great way for them to still feel socially connected.
  • Lego - This little miracle toy can lead to hours of fun. They may need a little guidance, but they will have a great time.
  • Explore yoga for kids - This is such a wonderful one, because not only is it a great thing to do at home, it's also great for their mental/emotional health. Youtube is full of channels dedicated to Yoga just for kids, so take a look and give it a try.
  • Go on a bike ride - Or a scooter ride, or a wagon ride. 
  • Set up some Dominos - This can take up a good amount of time, although it takes some patience so it's a little better for older kiddos. Get them to set up a big domino path, and then let them fall! 
  • Costume Day - Let them pick an old Halloween costume and wear it ALL day. Even if you're outside. 
  • Hopscotch - Draw out the game for them if you have to outside, and show them how it's done. 
  • Museum Tours - Ok, this sounds like cheating, but did you know online museum tours were a thing? They are!
  • Homemade pizza night - Let the kids make their own pizza, put on their own toppings, plus that's one less dinner for you to figure out!
  • Board Game Day - I'l admit, I get bored with this one, ha ha, but my kids LOVE board games. Let them pick a bunch, and let them play them all afternoon. My guys tend to favour Jenga.
  • Movie night! - Or afternoon, or whatever. Put on a movie f their choice, bring out a fun snack, and just enjoy.
  • Story time - Each day, encourage your kids to spend some time reading, or read to them out loud. 
  • Learn about animals - Each day, pick a new animal to research. Have them draw the animal and write out a few facts.
  • Work on a spring bucket list - Make plans for all the things you want to do as a family, including things you can do when this worry is behind us. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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