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10 ways to encourage your kids to love nature

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How To Raise Nature Lovers - 10 Ways to encourage your kids to appreciate nature -

Image of Ethan (@ethan_marcus_) in our Bowie the Bumblebee Kids Tee

These days our kids are surrounded by ipads and youtube and so much media. It feels like the days of playing outside and exploring nature are just not a thing anymore. But we strongly believe that with a little encouragement, your kiddos will prefer to be outside, getting creating, and discovering all that the outdoors has to offer. We are sharing a few ideas for you to encourage your littles to get outside and have the best time doing it! And we think you'll have a great time too!

  1. Take a hike - pick a nice day and spend a good few hours exploring some nearby greenspace. Point out any bugs, birds, or wildlife you see, and talk about those creatures with your kids. When you get home, let them look them up on a fun website like A-Z Animals and learn some cool facts about the creatures you saw.
  2. Let them grow a garden - if you have some space available, let them pick out some flowers, fruit or vegetables, and plant their own little garden. Even a tiny container garden will do the trick. Let them be in charge of planting, watering, and you will see how excited they get when those little plants begin to grow.
  3. Start a collection - rocks, twigs, fallen leaves, anything will do. Help them search for these pieces and let them gather a little collection. 
  4. Go on a picnic - bring a lunch outdoors and spend some relaxing time outside. Talk about what is around you, or play a game of eye-spy.
  5. Watch the sunset - on a nice warn day sit outside as the sun goes down, and let your little ones experience the beauty of this time of day. Talk about how the sun sets, where the sun goes, they will be fascinated!
  6. Visit a nearby farm - whether you're picking apples or seeing cows and sheep, a farm can be such a fun experience for kids to see animals and for you to talk to them about how plants grow the food we eat.
  7. Let them jump in those puddles - ok maybe not every time, but once in a while let them take their boots and umbrellas out into the rain and have some fun. Nothing is better when you're a kid!
  8. Read books about animals and nature - There are some gorgeous books on this topic, and you can even let them pick out one they want. We have a blog post coming up with some ideas for you, so stay tuned for that!
  9. Search for 'treasure' - spend an afternoon wandering a nearby park or outdoor area and encourage your child to go on a treasure hunt. Show them that nature is filled with the most amazing 'treasures' like dandelions  and pinecones.
  10. Head towards water - if you have it available to you, talk your kids to the waterfront. Whether you can see fish, birds, shells, seaglass, or just a beautiful sky, your kids will be in awe of how beautiful a shoreline can be. 

What are your favourite ways to spend time in nature with your kids? We would love to know!


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  • Brittany on

    Great list. It is so important to encourage people of all ages to put away screens and get outdoors.
    My almost 5 year old daughter came up with an idea on our hike the other day to collect any forest debris (fallen leaves, petals, twigs and so on) and try a “nature” drawing when we got home. This also gave us the opportunity to identify the plants she had and pull out some field guides for the ones we weren’t sure of. A fun idea no matter the time of year as there is always something to spot on the forest floor.

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