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Happy World Environment Day!

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The Wild - Happy World Environment Day!


Today is a day to think about this precious environment we are so lucky to be a part of, and what we need to do to protect it. I've always been passionate about this in our home life (we are avid composters, we use only natural cleaners, etc.), but I will admit that when I first started this business, I didn't dive deep into ways I could make sure I wasn't creating more waste and leaving a lighter footprint on this planet. 
This has changed over time and will continue to change as I do more research and figure out ways I can do better. Today I wanted to share a few things we do as a business that we hope it making a lighter impact on the environment. We are open to any other suggestions you may have!
Our clothing and accessories are printed using water-based eco-friendly inks that require no  solvents or harmful chemicals in the cleanup process.
Orders are wrapped in compostable 100% recycled kraft paper as opposed to single-use plastic. At the moment we ship in a recyclable mailer but we are currently researching alternatives to this and hope to be 100% plastic free in 2020.
In our office we use only 100% recycled paper, and we avoid printing whenever possible.
For those times we do need to use a printer, we refill our ink cartridges as opposed to buying new ones over and over.
We send all invoices and receipts digitally, never printing additional copies to send along with orders.
Whenever we have a garment or soft toy with a minor flaw, we donate the item as opposed to throwing it away. 
Previously we included a gift with purchase (buttons) that were super cute but we realized they often end up being tossed or lost somewhere. In the fall we will be sharing our new zero-waste thank you gift that every order will receive (super excited about this!)
In our fall collection we will have available organic cotton options (!!!) and over time we definitely hope to transition to using more sustainable fabrics exclusively. 
We recognize that we have more work to do to become a truly eco-friendly brand, but it's a huge priority for us and one that I feel really excited about.

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