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Simple, Easy New Year's Resolutions To Set With Your Whole Family

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Simple, Easy New Year's Resolutions To Set With Your Whole Family -


Happy 2020! If you’re anything like me, you’re all about a fresh start, and each year I write up a perfect list of fun new things to focus on. But this year, I thought it would be fun to work on a list with the whole family!

Here are just a few ideas that I wanted to share here in case you might want to do the same!

  1. Make a new weekly or monthly tradition. Game night, an after dinner walk, movies on a sheet in the backyard, anything fun that is something new to look forward to.
  2. Get more sleep! Sleep is crucial for your health, your brain, how you feel throughout the day, and it matters SO much for our kids and their little growing bodies. So take a look at bedtimes and adjust as needed.
  3. Take better care of our planet. Take some little steps to lessen your footprint. A few easy ideas are: (1) Always bring a reusable bag with you (2) Say no to straws or bring your own (3) Compost your food waste, always! (4) Walk more (5) Use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products
  4. Be more active. Go for a family hike, take a long walk through your neighbourhood, or even just play at the park together. 
  5. Read more, together. Encouraging a love of reading is so important, and as a bonus you’ll be spending more time together as a family. 
  6. Do something for your community. Giving back feels so good, and this is something your kids will be proud to be a part of. Look for a local volunteering opportunity, or coordinate a donation with your neighbourhood to bring to a local shelter. 
  7. Save some extra money. Talk about a savings goal (this can even be small, like a small amount to all go see a movie) and actively set aside this money as a family until you meet your goal. Such a fun way to get your kids thinking about saving money as they grow up.  
  8. Unplug! Have some time together where all phones and screens are out away and you’re just enjoying each others company. Play board games, work on an art project (maybe this one?) or just talk.
  9. Eat more veggies! In our family we don’t restrict, but we do talk about ‘always’ foods and ‘sometimes’ foods, and this year why not make veggies an ‘at every meal’ food! Have your kids request veggies at the beginning of the week to get them excited about it. 
  10. Start a memory jar. A friend of mine sent me this project and we quickly got started with it for 2020. We are writing out our favourite moments of the year on little notecards and saving them to read through next New Year’s Eve. I’m going to ask the kids to make a little cover page for them and bind them together to keep them together each year. 


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